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Cocktail Culture

Add 1 shot of Jardin to half a glass of Champagne
vodka soda
Vodka Soda with 2 shots of Jardin Rose
the amal clooney

The Amal Clooney

2 oz Casamigos de Agave Reposado

2 oz Jardin Lavender

splash of water



 Honeysuckle Sangria

1 bottle white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc

2 cups of Jardin Honeysuckle

1/4 cup of Cognac

2 TBLS Honey

1 of each fruit cut up (Nectarine and Apple)

In a large pitcher, add all ingredients and chill. Strain into a coupe glass and add ice.

(Optional Spritzer: add Sparkling water to 1/2 glass and top with Sangria)




2 oz Jardin Rose

2 oz White Rum

Splash of Water




2 shots Jardin Honeysuckle

2 shots Tequila

1/2 shot Grapefruit Juice

1/4 shot Lemon Juice

2 oz Water



2 shots Jardin Lavender

1 1/2 shots Hendrick's Gin

1/4 shot Lemon Juice

Splash Water