Jardin Pairs Fresh with Fragrant and wraps it in Luxury.

The Garden to Your Glass

There are no compromises here.


 QUALITY: Ingredients sourced from the Valley of the Roses to the rocky hills of the Baltic, through crisp orchards and into sunshine groves.

  ORGANIC: We tested all types of sweeteners and found that our organic wildflower honey and our organic Monkfruit had the cleanest profiles needed to support our florals. They add a golden smoothness and provide a medium body to carry our botanicals. 

   GOLD STANDARD: The best. But the best of the best. Focusing on taste, quality and sensory, we tested every ingredient in our bottle to ensure it can stand the test of nature and more importantly, time. We mimicked what would happen if our products sat on a shelf, in a sunny window under UV lighting. To us, it is always about the product first and then the marketing story. It is about launching the gold standard.



Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Contains Organic Ingredients, 100% Natural, 100% Awesome