Enhancing your drinking occasion by creating a hip, fun and luxurious experience at home or with friends.

MADE WITH FLOWERS: our flower blossoms and flower waters are from high altitude gardens in Europe.

BOTANICAL DERIVED COLORS: we only use fruits, flowers, and vegetables for our colors.

DISCO SHIMMER: a Non-GMO mineral from the earth. Shake the bottle to deliver textured beauty and Instagram worthy drinks.

LOW SWEETNESS: barely there, sweetness/1 carb from organic wildflower honey

CONCENTRATED: 15 drinks per big bottle, 4 drinks per little

ENHANCE: not mask, never ever mask those gorgeous notes of a distilled spirit or sparkling wine!!

Add one shot to Prosecco, Tea or Water. Add one to two shots to your Vodka Soda or your favorite Spirit. Our Floral Infused Enhancers are concentrated, yet subtle and will enhance your beverage with beautiful florals without any artificial ingredients or harsh preservatives. These are low sweetness. If you prefer sweeter drinks, add a splash of simple syrup.

Non-GMO, Natural, Gluten Free, Keto, Organic Ingredients

Questions? Contact us direct at info@jardininfusions.com

For Mimosas, Cocktails and Mocktails