Total Wine and More (of a 180)

Just about one year ago I was honored to bring some of my Infusions to a mixer at a lake @ITC held by the great @thebbfnetwork girls. I was still waiting for my final labels but I brought them anyway. This powerhouse mom @ashleymanzi brought some delicious Rose’. I nearly fell on the floor when I saw the label design. I had explored the same style of design for my brand. The sun hat with the wide brim, the French lines in a Hitchcockesque/Bandesoleil style.  I didn’t end up using similar graphics because as fate would have it, the mouth I had searched the ends of the earth for one day graciously arrived in a simple internet search while looking for something else for me to pick up and own. Anyway - I asked Ashley where she purchased the @marvalwines and she told me Total Wine River Edge. I wanted to co-brand with a sparkling wine brand. (Hold on bc that’s now where this story is going). I called TW and unfortunately Marval has an exclusivity agreement w TW USA. So be it. I figured let me start my sales now and I asked for the buyer and if I could present my products which were brand new and FABULOUS. They connected me to the West Orange store and I pitched the buyer and she said no. So I said, well I have a tasting event coming up at @localmarket_lbi and I need champagne for it. Can I buy a case of champagne at your West Orange store and meet with you since I’m there anyway.? She said in a half scoffing way, sure - why not? I show up a week later after getting a babysitter to watch my two little boys and have my taste evaluation basket in hand. Would you believe she forgot me! She was there because she needed to pick something up and wasn’t on the schedule. So I waited. And waited. And waited and you can imagine the feelings going through me. And finally the buyer came back (and I think she felt a little bad) but she showed up with six men. Some burley and mixed ages and races and some with a look like, who are you? We sat down and I poured for all these people my infusions that I created from my thoughts and memories of traveling and the smells of the flowers and the tastes in the air of the French Countryside.
Each person LOVED it. They loved it. I somehow managed to turn it all around and get these people who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me became interested in what I created.
As I embark on my first tasting at the West Orange Total Wine store tonight, I’m reminded of my tenacity and not giving up and not taking no for an answer. The Marval product I picked up last week at the River Edge Total Wine store where I nearly sold out of my product in two hours. I picked it up to support another brand that had significant impact on my success, even though they don’t know me and I don’t know them. If you create a dream, and a big, wide and solid tree falls in your path - maybe look at its bark, count its rings and realize that it is glorious and is just lending you a place to sit and get your thoughts together before stepping over it and continuing on your journey. 
This will be my first blog post that you can find moving forward on my website. I have a lot of crap to talk about. Maybe you want to hear it? Thanks for joining me on this memory. Come out to taste tonight if you reside in the West Orange area. 4-7 pm tonight.

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